Dark Age of Reason


Angel of Sorrow
(Peter Bjärgö text)
Embrace me my angel,
Whose eyes enlighten my world
Let me feel your golden hair,
So soft so beautiful
Take my hand and follow me,
To the realms of silence.
Let the light of all lights devour us.

Spread out your wings,
And take me to this paradise.
Spread out your wings and let us fly...

The Calm Before The Storm
(Peter Bjärgö text)
Holding heard on to the wings of the angel,
So afraid to let loose.
And we have kept our hands over the eyes,
So afraid to take sides.

But now when the Dark Age has come,
Maybe we will see through the storm.
Through the lies and the world of grey,
All these lies...

So come with me through the storm,
See the other side of common sense.
We can no longer deny the truth,
How horrible it may seem...

Source of Light
(Peter Bjärgö text)
The feeling of despair grows stronger
But still I can feel
A vague source of light
I don’t know
If I can handle this much longer

A vague source of light
Is all that I can feel

A vague source of light
Is all that I can feel

The Oath
(Peter Bjärgö text)
Through your veins the blood of mine.
You came with me, we became like one.
You took my hand and followed me,
to the lands of eternity.

The love we had will never die.
"Never fade and become a lie."
You came with me into my realm.
"Into your shadow land."
You are no longer with me here.
"In your land of no despair"
You broke your oath and left me here.
"Without my love and filled with fear."

Like Statues In The Garden Of Dreaming
(Peter Bjärgö text)
Behind the leafs I can see your face,
So filled with pain.
The wings of yours are of no use,
Thy feathers are now stone.

Your hands are reached out for no good,
Thy hands can not feel warmth.
Your mouth are opened,
Ready to scream.
But then, can anyone hear you...

The Song of Mourning
(Peter Bjärgö text)
Once again a soul has left us,
left us with disappointment and questions.

Is this really the solution to all our problems?
Just letting your soul depart from this world!?

I've seen this all before.
It's too late, it's too late now.

There's nothing more to do,
we'll all reunite one day... but until then...