Sol invictus and friends - With friends like these


(Ia Bjärgö text)
When the wind caresses the landscape
Nature is heaving its beautiful hills
The flowing waves of the great big ocean
Is striking the cliffs by the shore

Like a flower it opens when light hits the sky
Opening every mind
The sky explodes in an enormous crescendo
Like when a volcano ejects its seed

As day turns to night
The earth tremble with beauty
As night turns to day
It sighs with relief
A sigh echoing through the air


Arcana - Emerald

(Ann-Mari Thim text)

Like the Emerald; defender of chastity
Like the Adamant; hard and unbreakable
Like the Ruby; burning with intensely red
Like the Coral; undestroyable in fire

Like the Sapphire; of celestial nature
Like the Jacinth; a hero divine
Like the Carbuncle; shining like the sun
Like the Topaz; glowing by night

Adorable precious stone of mine
Beautiful eternal, token sublime
Treasured heavenly jewel of mine
Beloved shrine, independent of time

(Peter Bjärgö text)

In the darkest points of life
When all hopes are gone
What used to be so colourful
Is now grey

At night the sky used to be
So full of stars
What used to be so colourful
Is now grey

It’s so hard to get out of this cage
When the outside is so much worse
It’s so hard to get rid of these chains
As there’s nothing left to fight for