The Hidden Compass
A Wheel Of Thoughts
The Death Of Our Sun
Sleep Dep.Loop1




Those cloudy eyes of yours,
have never felt so absent,
and the pale skin of your face,
reminds us all that death is always present.

That dark mind of yours,
explores a big black ocean.
You always hide, deep in the shadows,
leaving all with the memory of your last motion.


The Architecture of Melancholy

Everyday I experience the death of the Sun.
And the ground that I stand upon caves in.

Everything I see turns to stone.
And the beating of my heart just stops.

I close my eyes and fall down to the ground,
and await for all to shut down,
so the pain will fade.
I close my eyes and wait for the numbness to set in,
and I embrace the stillness of eternal sleep.


The Hidden Compass

There's something hidden,
deep inside all of us.
That invisible compass,
that leads the way.
It's untouchable yet
fills us with such darkness,
and beauty.



You are the faceless angel,
that follows my every move,
just to make sure, I'll never be happy,
and make me stay on the path
to my own doom.

I've tried to make you go away,
I tried to fight back.
But nothing seems to wear you down,
nothing will make you crack.
You're not happy until you've colored my
mind and soul, agonizing, bottomless black.

The Death of Our Sun

Soon we will all be forgotten,
in the vast ocean of time.
Soon our bodies will disintegrate,
into the black soil.
We will never outlive the death of our Sun.
We will never outrun the continuity of time.