Peter Bjärgö

Founder of Arcana, born in 1974 in Eskilstuna. Sweden
Vocals, instruments, responsible for recordings, mixing and mastering.

On the side of Arcana, Peter also has the projects Sophia, Peter Bjärgö, Crypt of Kerberos, Meanwhile and more. Peter also records other band in his studio as well as produce other's albums, mixes and master. Otherwise he works as a personal assistent to his daughter Vendela.

Former members



Anmmari Thim

Born in 1976, Eskilstuna, Sweden
Lead vocalist and additional instruments.

Annmari works with her own projects Angelic Foe and Nightime Confession. She also collaborates with many different musicians across the world. Her daily work is promotion for a big international company.




Cecilia Bjärgö

Born in 1969, Stockholm, Sweden
Vocals and additional instruments. Also responsible for layouts and website and managing concerts. has collaborated with other artists such as In Slaughter Natives, Tamerlan and Narsillion. New member of Der Blaue Reiter in 2014.


Beside the music, Cecilia works with graphic designs and her own compositions. Otherwise she works full time as a techer in Social science and Music.


Mattias Borgh

Born 1975, Piteå, Sweden
Percussions and additional instruments.


Mattias is part of the band Crypt of Kerberos and others. Otherwise he works full time as a teacher in percussion in an upper secondary school.

Sergio Gamez Martinez and Núria Luis

Born in 1979 in Barcelona, Spain
Keyboard and Violin


Núria and Sergio had the projects Narsilion, Der Blaue Reiter, Endless Asylum and Heura. Since autumn 2014, Sergi continues with the bands and Núria will collaborate with other musicians.