In October Peter went public with his announcement that he will dissolve the current line-up of Arcana.
This has been on his mind for a long time, and something all members of Arcana new.
We all support Peter in his decision and we will always be there in our hearts and our minds. For this reason it will also be the last
concert we make in Berlin November 1st, 2014.


It is really sad when you notice that we haven't updated our own website in almost a year. Last year was turbulent, and not much was done musically.
Peter have been focusing on his next solo album, but also started to work with the next Sophia. Arcana will also get space this year, 2014, a year when Arcana has its 20th birthday.

So keep your head up, and your eyes open. Soon information will be given to you. Before that, please enjoy out old songs from various albums
that we just uploaded on Bandcamp.



Right now, Peter Bjärgö is on a small mini tour together with Desiderii Marginis and Empusae.
Once back home again, it will only be two weeks and then we are coming to Italy and two weks after that we are coming to Paris.
We can't wait to be back on stage again and to see all you lovely people!


Arcana is part of the Cyclic Law's 10th Anniversary Label Sampler. With the song For our Continuity, Arcana moves back to earlier sounds and territories.


We want to wish you all a Happy New Year. We begin with thanking all of you who supported us during our gigs in Stockholm and Turku. We had an amazing time and we loved every minute of it.

Then some bad news. Due to the financial crisis in Greece, our concert in Athens has to be postponed until this autumn. Hopefully we soon have better news for you.

But we are happy to announce our return to Paris, France. On May 11th, we will perform ono the 10th anniversary of Cyclic Law.


Dont forget our concert in Stockholm and Turku this following week. Stockholm on the 3rd of January and Turku on the 5th of January 2013.




This compilation is to benefit the ASPCA. Their rapid and effective response to the animals affected by Hurricane Sandyhas not only
been amazing but critical in helping those who have no voice. ASPCA provides rescue, evacuation shelter,
emergency medical treatment and food and currently they are running emergency pet boarding facilities for families
who have been displaced. These services are offered at no cost. All proceeds of this compilation
will go directly to the ASPCA to assist them in their current efforts as well as helping them to be ready to respond
when disaster strikes again. 


Arcana contributes with a song never released before entitled Chant III, as well as the artwork above made by Cecilia Bjärgö






The new album As Bright as a Thousand Suns is now released since 4 days. You can find it at

Join us at Facebook for the latest news and updates.





This compilation has been put together by myself: Amanda Votta, with the assistance of Peter Bjärgö, Neddal Ayad and Michael Tanner, to help raise funds for my cat Bran's medical expenses.

At the beginning of December Bran badly injured his right hind leg. At first, the veterinarians thought he had a small fissure in his tibia, but after two weeks and new x-rays, it became apparent that the real problem was a broken thigh and hip. A piece of the bone has actually broken off and needs to be removed. The surgery will cost 15,000SEK—approximately $2,187 US—which is more than I can afford after all the previous visits and x-rays. He also needs rehabilitation after the surgery since the muscle in his leg has deteriorated and become stiff from lack of use.

Bran, the cat in need, will be two years old on the 18th of March—young enough that they anticipate a full recovery if he gets the necessary surgery as soon as possible.  All of the proceeds from this compilation will go directly to Bran's expenses. I'm not profiting by it and the artists involved have kindly donated these songs so that Bran can get the help he needs.

You can find out more about Bran and the fundraising efforts here:

The compilation will be a digital download available on bandcamp the 10th of January as a donate/pay what you will release.
Many of the songs are unique to this compilation and others have been previously released and are no longer available, some wil l be on future releases.
This compilation will only be available for a limited time, after which it may be quite a while before some of these tracks are heard again, if at all.
The compilation will be available here:

We are so happy that so many artists have agreed to participate. We are talking about a large part of the industrial scenes artists who are all big cat enthusiasts.
The following artists have been confirmed thus far and will appear barring any unforeseen complications (those starred are contributing exclusive or previously unreleased tracks)

*Peter Bjärgö
*The Floating World
In Slaughter Natives
Tony Wakeford
*Desiderii Marginis
David Galas
*The Great Attractor
*The Aves (Richard Moult)
*Brian Lavelle
*Raison d'Etre
Tara Vanflower
*Tribes of Medusa
*The Joy of Nature
*Alice Moving Under Skies
Vera Bremerton
Elizabeth Veldon
*Sathorys Elenorth
*Secrets to the Sea
*Veil of Blue
*Gustaf Hildebrand
*Chimerical Sound Engine
*Seeing Red
Madame B





Pre-Order Now from! - Available December 21 2011

Peter Bjärgö, the man behind the now legendary groups ARCANA and SOPHIA is back with his second solo album.
On his first solo release "A wave of Bitterness", we got a glimpse into the mind of a thoughtful person. Now this new release, "The Architecture Of Melancholy",
we are sent onto a journey to the darkest depths of Peter's mind and thoughts. Melancholy was once a disease, a mental statement of chronic depression,
we are now facing this illness again around the world and this album is a real journey with the melancholic mind.
Titles like Bitteresque, Apathy and The Death Of Our Sun give us an idea of the aural voyage ahead. The delicate blend of soft guitars,
engulfing dark ambient and the sheer power of Peter's voice make this album a shining diamond among stones.
Hope is all that is left...

Edition of 700 copies in 8 panel digipack. 7 Tracks. Running Time 40:30



On Saturday 22nd October the beautiful city of York (north of England) will be graced by the beautiful melodic yet dark music of four exceptional acts
from the European Gothic/Dark scene. Supporting them will be an exciting new project from two established UK musicians.

This exciting alternative music event presents a very rare opportunity to see some of the most talented acts
in this genre live in the UK, up close and personal in an intimate venue. We are very proud to present:

Arcana Exclusive UK show!
The Moon and the Nightspirit
The Eternal Fall
[One more to be confirmed]
The Infinite Three

After the bands there will be an opportunity to dance the night away (to 2am) with DJs DeAth (Darklands, Black Veil)
and Andy C (Continuum, Black Veil) playing the best Dark and Gothic music from around Europe.

Age restriction 18+ ages/Dark-Reverberations/1 11134115646020




We are proud to announce our first concert in Portugal on July 31st 2011. It wil be at the Entremuralhas Festival, organised by Fade In. Other bands who will play are Sol Invictus, Narsilion, Rosa Crvx, Nitzer Ebb, Suicide Commando and Irfan. The tickets are 25€ for a one day ticket and 60€ for a three day ticket.


Arcana has been recording violin and percussion with Núria Luis and Sergio Gamez Martinez during their visit in Eskilstuna. The new album (fullength) is slowly progressing.
Before that one it done, Ia Bjärgö will perform with Ms Luis and Mr Martinez and their band Narsilion at Wave Gothik Treffen in Lepzig at 13.00 on the 12th of June at the Pagan Village.




Arcana will participate in "Dark artists for Japan earthquake resque" with an unreleased song entitled "The Irreversible Truth". Press the picture for a direct link to iTunes!



In 2011 Arcana will focus on recordings and new material will be official soon. In late spring 2011 Arcana will release the sisterrelease to Le Serpent rouge, entitled "Un Passage Silencieux". The songs are about to be finished, but the artwork is already made. This album will ony be released for the 100 box-owners of Le Serpent Rouge and to get a hold of it, you need to ASAP send your code as well as 10 €. in an enveleope to:

Peter Bjärgö
Gamla Tullgatan 1
632 20 Eskilstuna

Contact us at, if you have further questions.