April 2013

Big thanks to all who came to see Peter Bjärgö, Empusae and Desiderii Marginis in Athensthe 31st of March.

On Saturday April 6th Peter Bjärgö will be part of the Sonic Lodge Music-Festival in Leipzig together with Empusae and Desiderii Marginis



On Saturday April 12th Peter Bjärgö will play at Café Bizarr in Dentergem, Belgium together with Empusae and Desiderii Marginis

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And on April 13th, Peter Bjärgö will play his last concert for this mini tour in Utrecht, Holland together with Empusae and Desiderii Marginis




Peter started his career at the age of 17 with the release of his first album with the band Crypt of Kerberos. For many years, metal were the main interest but as time passed, an interest for softer, more electronic music appeared. With the start of Arcana, and new musical career took place. 20 years later, Peter Bjärgö still works with both projects, as well as numerous other and of course his solo project under his own name.

The music of Peter Bjärgö are somewhat similiar to the music of Arcana. But with no female operatic voices, more guitarr and much more of his own singingthe difference is yet there, and today it is hard to compare the both projects.